Project #1 – How to save the world with PHP.FUND!

Imagine every new business that successfully starts with the help from the people through crowdfunding methods pledge to give 10% to 100% of their future profit back to the community forever.


Self-sustainable sources of force for good!


PHP.FUND: stands for Potent Hypothetical Potential meaning that if there is an idea that has the potential to help the world, no matter how hypothetical it may be, if it’s potent enough, we believe it’s worth the shot to give each of those ideas a chance. Now, since these businesses and startups are starting because of the help from the people, we require our projects to pledge minimum 10% of their future profit back to the community and the causes that help the people that the business caters to.

PHP.FUND only represents ideas that have the potential to help the people while working towards becoming a self-sustaining source of force for good!

One of the most rewarding endeavors and fulfilling purposes “of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” Meaning that, knowing we only inherited this earth from our ancestors, soon we are going to be the ancestors to those who are “yet to be born” so having them in our minds on everything we do should be the foremost concern of our modern day society so that they “may have place to put their feet and sky to walk under.”

We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors;

We Borrow It from Our Children.

So, since we believe in this idea that it has the potential to bring a lot of goodness into our world, PHP.FUND itself is a campaign within the platform and through leading by example, let us show you how this will work. Queue the happy music.

Show, not tell.

So, PHP is launching its crowdfunding campaign as the first project in PHP.FUND. If the people can help support and build this new idea, we are pledging to allocate 100% of our future profits back to the community starting with 10% in the first year. Every year after, we pledge 10% more from the profit and within the next decade, PHP.FUND will have pledged 100% of our profit back to the community FOREVER.

We only ask our projects to pledge minimum 10%, you do not have to go all in like us but your community will sure could use and appreciate the effort!

Where will PHP.FUND‘s profit go towards?

Since all of the campaigns and projects are working towards becoming a self-sufficient/self-sustainable source of force for good, PHP.FUND will be pledging the profit sharing with the top 6 projects within our platform. Every month, certain backers [see rewards] will help us find 6 worthy campaigns that will share the 10%. And this is not 1 winner takes all, it’s split amongst the 6 projects according to the amount of votes they received from our backers that made this platform possible. Example: 1st project received 40% of the votes, 2nd project 25%, 3rd project 15%, 4th: 10%, 5th & 6th: 5% each then they split the 10% of PHP.FUND’s profit according to those proportions which ultimately makes everybody the winner. If PHP.FUND’s profit sharing exceeds these campaigns goals, the extra will be trickled down to the others.

For the other projects, they can decide how they would find the causes and who gets to vote etc but this is how ours is set up.

How can PHP.FUND help small, family owned businesses during this pandemic/quarantine?

This current situation that we are finding ourselves in the midst of provides interesting opportunity for PHP.FUND to convert currently operating business who are at the brink of losing their business or closure that instead of waiting for the government backing which may never come, you ask your local customers to back you and support your business during this time so you don’t fire all your employees. And since the people helped you from losing your business, we ask the same thing we ask from our new projects, in order for you to qualify on our platform YOU MUST pledge at least 10% of your future profits back to your community endeavors and efforts which these efforts are again, elected and voted on by those who supported you. Give your backers the opportunity to get involved in deciding where these well wishes would go.

Now, we have created for crowdfunding opportunities for local bricks and mortar businesses to start their endeavor with the help from their community. It follows the same model as above but for locals. Overtime, we will convert all businesses to pitch in to helping their community thrive. When your community thrives, so will your business! If your business do not believe in sharing your profit back to those who are in need, the one who do believe will get the opportunity to take over your clientele.

Who will you do business with? The ones who always give +10% of their profit to your local charities or those who do not have the heart to support those who actually bring the business to them.

Now, this idea should at least guide the new businesses and entreprenuer in the right direction but how do we weed out the current curropt businesses and crooked non-for-profit parasites? That will be taken care of by Project #3: Global Activists Network’s: Student Activist Journalists Network. How to is coming soon… stay tune.

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