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What if one success story could lead to success at another – and another? This is PHP.FUND

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Progress Leads to Progress

When a business earns a profit, we think of it as successful. Often, the owners of the business will reinvest their profits, trying to expand their customer base or pushing new products into development. This is what leads to progress at companies, enabling the largest companies to become even larger and the dominant ones to muscle their competitors out of the market. All of this is business 101. Yet, it leads to some interesting questions – about how we run businesses in our society and what potential there is to run them differently.

Or – what if we could redirect success at one business into innovation and growth for the communities of the people who backed them in the first place?


Leveraging Profit for More Widespread Growth

This is precisely the question that we have sought to answer. Encouraging everyday people to contribute funds to crowdfunding campaigns for altruistic and humanitarian start-ups, we are then taking the success that businesses our campaigns launch – and parlaying it into a lifeline for other causes that our community believes in. Say, for example, an entrepreneur invents a new wearable technology that ends up turning a profit. The backers who supported the entrepreneur on PHP.FUND can then help choose where to donate their portion of the profits to green energy research, future technology development, or any other initiative.


Introducing: Potent Hypothetical Potential

The platform where we are pioneering this concept is the platform that you are on at this moment: Potent Hypothetical Potential. On Potent Hypothetical Potential, contributors can discover crowdfunding campaigns for new and exciting projects. This, of course, is an established economic model, one that has become incredibly popular over the last decade or so. What makes us different is the pledge that businesses make when they sign onto PHP.FUND, agreeing to give back at least 10% of their profits (and up to 100% of their profits) every month in the category where their business achieved funding. The original campaign backers then collectively choose another business or cause to receive those funds, keeping the entrepreneurs honest.


A Community in Perpetual Motion

As you can see, no campaign on Potent Hypothetical Potential ever really ends. Instead, successful campaigns lead to more success stories in the community, their profits supplementing the community’s monetary contributions. The way that we see it, this is a way for great ideas to invest in other great ideas. Just as businesses put their profits into the products and promotions they believe in for themselves, our community is putting our profits, the ones that we generated through our contributions, into the projects that we believe in month after month.


Looking to the Future

The first Potent Hypothetical Potential campaign is ours, the campaign for PHP.FUND itself, and we are pledging to give back 10% of our profit over the next year, increasing that number over the next decade, at which point we will give back 100% of our profits. That’s right: we are going to donate our profits to the top six causes, businesses, or projects within our platform, splitting them according to the portion of the backer votes they generate, so if a cause, business, or project generates 80% of the votes, then they will receive 80% of the available funds.

On PHP.FUND, profits truly trickle down, benefiting the initiatives that our community cares about most.

Here is how it works:

Backers (the Progressively Helpful Patrons) support campaign creators (Positively Hopeful Pioneers), who are trying to launch their ideas (Passionately Human Projects) and introduce the world to their Potent Hypothetical Potential, which Polite and Hyper-ethical Programmers help them to do, hopefully achieving Prosperity and Honor in the World. Get it?



Our Fundraising Goal

We are turning to you for help raising the capital that we need to launch PHP.FUND in the first place. Our goal through this campaign is to put together $20,000. Yes, for only $20,000, we can get this world-changing platform introduced to the world. Together, we can get this perpetual motion started.

To say thanks to everyone who makes a contribution to this campaign, we are offering some exclusive rewards, including a guaranteed spot for your project among the first six projects that we support with our profits.

Make your contribution and help bring Potent Hypothetical Potential to life!


Major Challenges

The most daunting challenge that we face as we launch our crowdfunding platform is building an audience. Because the larger crowdfunding platforms have been around for several years already, they hold significant sway in the market. What we are doing is markedly different from what they do, though. We are going to move the entire economy forward by proving that there is a better way for businesses to support one another and foster growth on a large scale.


Spread the Word

In addition to making your contribution to the debut Potent Hypothetical Potential campaign, you can show your support for PHP.FUND by sharing a link to the campaign on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platforms you use. The more people hear about PHP.FUND before we start to market ourselves, the smoother the first few months will go for us. We would like to build up as much word-of-mouth for this platform as we can, and you can help us with that by telling all your friends and family to come check us out.

We appreciate all your support, both monetary and non-monetary.

Thank you for your time!

Make a pledge without a reward Minimum amount is $10 Maximum amount is $500

$10 - $59

Get priority review to launching your own campaign in PHP.FUND

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$60 - $99

Get your voice into the PHP.FUND community! You will get to vote each month on the projects that should receive the profits that we give back. In addition, we will send you behind-the-scenes updates about the progress that we are making bringing Potent Hypothetical Potential to life. As we build the platform and the business itself, you can get a crash course into what it takes to start your own PHP project.

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$100 - $499

Do you want to play an even more active role in the PHP.FUND community? This is the way to do it. We are going to ask you for your input about the six projects that will serve as choices for the backers. Of course, we will also send you behind-the-scenes updates about the progress that we are making bringing Potent Hypothetical Potential to life.

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$500 - more

You are a true PHP.FUND believer, and we salute you. You will get a guaranteed spot among the six campaigns that will share in the profits from PHP.FUND first. There is a limit of one project per back, distributed on a first-come first-served basis. We will also keep the lines of communication open with you permanently so that you are always ahead of the curve on what is going on at PHP.FUND. You will also get early access to job openings at PHP.FUND

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  • 04-05-2020

    Launching PHP.FUND Campaign

    Here we go!

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